Children are not only our future but also NOW!

Kia ora tatou! It is pleasure to be able to bring Design For Change to New Zealand. The beauty of freedom, the secure attachment of community, the respect of culture and the love for the environment are the unique treasures of this beautiful land.


Design For Change is not only a thinking tool or teaching strategy; it is a gift to our next generation. Design For Change gives the children to regain their lead, to unleash their ultimate power and the most important is encouraging them to walk out of the zone and reach out to the community. Feel our community with Love and Respect then Share it out with everyone.


That is exactly what Design For Change brings us, and we believe it

is what we want to pass on to our children, as Children are not only our future but also NOW!


What we do?

We provide training programmes cover a range of topics that are core to design thinking and service. You'll learn:

  • About the power of design thinking

  • About a framework to do good

  • How to empower young people

  • How to build key 21st  Century Skills in youth

  • How to be more empathetic

  • The DFC methodology and how you can use it in your own school / organization

  • How does it collaborate with their own imagination

  • Explore and discuss one of the Global Hot Topics

  • To be able to unleash “I CAN” power

  • Increase on creativity, empathy and social awareness

DFC New Zealand Leaflet

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